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About Us

Torche Education is an Education Technology Start-Up that set the goals to create a decentralized higher education platform on a global scale. In 2019, the four co-founders met and discussed the platform we wanted to develop. Torche launched our e-tutoring classes, which cover four subjects of a process engineering study for Universitas Indonesia's students, on 21st September 2020.

Today, Torche has more than 30 subjects available, with 800 unique students spread around more than 8 universities. We are committed to providing an accelerated, comprehensive, and internationally standardized higher education to all chemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, and, in the future, all higher education students across the globe.

Internationally Standardized Curriculum

Torche provides the best process engineering curriculum from top 5 universities in Indonesia combined with top 5 universities in the world.

Full Online

We held classes on-demand with premium meeting platforms (Google Meet and Zoom Meetings) and handout materials integrated to your Google Workspace account.


Our tutors are qualified and trained to deliver the materials that suits the needs of our students from all around Indonesia.

Tutors Background

Torche has tutors who are experts in their field and have experience working in national and multinational companies, both in Indonesia and abroad.

These are some of our tutors' experiences and mastery.


As a complementary education company, we provide services to support your goals to become a high-quality process engineer. Learn more

Lecturing Class

Lecturing class consists of materials explanation from our tutors with problem solving examples.

Consultation Class

Students can asks about the materials, homeworks, assignments, and projects related to the topics choosen.

Exam Preparation Class

Exam preparation class is intended for students who wanted to ace in their exams and tests.

Advanced Class

Students can consult and get feedbacks in their plant design projects, product design projects, or on-job trainings

Research Writing Class

Consultation class, feedbacks, and even thesis defence demo for students who needs help in their thesis or scientific journals.

High School Class

High school students (SMP, SMA, and SMK) who needs help in their school projects, or preparing for SBMPTN and A-Level Exam.

Why Torche?

Not only giving the best process engineering curriculum, we also provides services that our competitors can't provide.

Flexible Time

Based on agreement between member and tutor.

Free Class Recordings

With no additional cost.

After-class Consultation

Valid for 7 days after completing the course by joining our Discord server




Ratings from students*


*data up to Dec 2022

What they said about Torche

Kania Putri

Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Student at Universitas Indonesia

The explanation from the tutor is complete and easy to understand, the material is discussed thoroughly.

Daniel Harun

Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Student at Universitas Sumatera Utara

The tutor make the class interactive, so it wasn't monotonous and easy to understand some of the hard concepts.


Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Student Universitas Indonesia

Very happy with tutors who are interactive and trigger us to think, so we don't only listen to from the tutor but we are also given the opportunity to try to think from the hints given by the tutor.


Postgraduate Chemical Engineering Student at Institut Teknologi Bandung

Software tutorials from the tutor is very clear and easy to follow.

Farah Marda

Postgraduate Chemical Engineering Student at Universitas Diponegoro

Two-way communciations with the tutor in the class makes learning more fun and interactive.


Torche Education's co-founders and partners are working hard to deliver the best process engineering education. Meet our full team.

M Yusuf Arya Ramadhan


Felix Pratama


Leon Lukhas Santoso

Manager Finance

Sendy Winata

Manager HR

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