Cell Culture for Engineers (Kultur Sel untuk Insinyur)

Mata kuliah ini akan membahas pengetahuan dalam bidang kultur sel, prinsip dan teknik kultur sel, penerapan kultur sel hewan dalam bioindustri. topik pembahasanya meliputi kultur jaringan, kultur hewan, dan kultur sel bioproses.


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Tissue Culture

Tissue culture introduce students to cell and tissue culture for engineering. This session includes materials about:

  1. Cell Culture
  2. Cell Culture Characteristics
  3. Type of Plant Tissue Culture
  4. Medium of Plant Tissue Culture
  5. Advantages and Uses
  6. Somatic Embryogenesis

Animal Culture

This session discuss basics in animal culture engineering. The materials discussed includes:

  1. Animal Cell Culture
  2. Adherent and Non-adherent Cell
  3. Term in Animal Cells Culture
  4. Biosafety Level and Biosafety Cabinet
  5. Cell Counting Technique
  6. Population Doubling Level (PDL)

Cell Culture Contamination

Contamination in cell culture is commonly happened.To avoid this, engineers have to study about contaminatio, which includes:

  1. Types of Contamination
  2. Effect of Contamination
  3. Prevention of Contamination
  4. Cryopreservation

Bioprocess Cell Culture

This session specialized in bioprocess engineering. The materials discussed includes:

  1. Reactor and Bioreactor
  2. Aseptic and Non-aseptic Technique
  3. Batch, Continuous, and Semi-Continuous Bioreactor
  4. Mass Balances in Batch, Continuous, and Semi-Continuous Bioreactor
  5. Lighting, Aeration, and Temperature in Cell Culture